Mercy Shelters provides the opportunity to purchase a home without Riba (interest). Housing is one of the basic needs of a person. It is the desire of every individual to secure shelter for their family. Unfortunately, for the last two decades, people in India have been facing a moral dilemma. Whether purchase a house and indulge in interest or forget buying a house altogether to avoid the interest. Many are led to believe that there is no alternative, and purchase through conventional methods thus paying interest. Yet others, although well settled economically, still hold the view that no matter what, indulging in "Riba" (interest) is forbidden.

At Mercy Shelters we offer you two streams by which you can own a home.
1. Interest Free Installment Plan

This plan presents to you an opportunity to buy a property in an interest free installment system. Where you can keep yourself away from any kind of sickening things like taking loans from banks and paying back installments to them with interest.
A Buyer here needs to pay an initial amount and the balance amount will be paid in installments in a periodical basis. Such as monthly, bi-monthly etc and he becomes a complete owner of the property once the final transactions are completed.

Based on the following points
To contribute a minimum of 40%of the value of the home they wish to purchase;
There is no “Waiting Period”;
The plan is structured as a “Purchase & Sale” transaction - no Loan Agreement Or interest-based documents involved;
No maximum limit on the Purchase Price (provided you contribute a minimum of 40% down);
The Balance of Purchase Price (60% or less) is payable in monthly or bi-monthly installments;
Titles to all housing units will be held in the name of the company
No sharing of Price appreciation – you keep 100% of Capital gains;
In between, you can pay as much as you like & reduce the Purchase Price Balance;
A monthly “User Fee(rent)” is payable to the company as a return for its investment in the house;
The Company will collect initial 40% down Payment & your monthly Installment payment as well as monthly User Fee (rent) payment
The User fee is based on the criteria described below;

HOME Plan members pay Occupancy Charge to Mercy Shelters which is determined on the following basis:
Current market value rent in metro and surrounding area;
Dividend paid by Mercy Shelters to its Investors:
Average return on Mercy Shelters’s other investments; and
Other factors on management’s direction.


In this plan a person invests in any of the projects carried out by the company. And once he completes a milestone in profits made out of his investments intends to buy an asset for him. If the final amount after the profits is not suitable for buying an asset, he takes back his investments and returns for himself or by adding up to the short come amount and he owns an asset.

Here is the opportunity to invest your savings in an project and/or to buy your house without paying interest or mortgage. We invite you to join us in this project.

To date, Mercy Shelters has assisted many individuals or families to acquire homes in the greater Montreal area using this principle.

To evolve as a brand name that is admired as an industry leader for its thoughtfully designed and carefully laid out high quality, innovative lifestyle enhancing spaces, to be recognized for its customer centric practices, and be acknowledged for nurturing long term relationships with all its stakeholders.
To achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, quality and business ethics. To engage in worthy experiences that inspire lasting bonds. To foster transparency in all dealings, thought-leadership in action, customer insight in progress and prosperity and thus transform every relationship into positive, engaging, memorable experiences that people would love to come back to.
As front runners in the real estate arena, the company firmly believes in value-for-money projects, with strict adherence to timelines and budget estimates. Our steady progress has taught us that success is essentially built on strong fundamentals that bring meaningful value to our clients while working in an environment that we can all feel good about.

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