Mercy Shelters Real Estate Services for Buyers

The Real Estate team has helped a multitude of buyers locate and purchase one of its kind architecturally significant homes in the Palm Springs Valley. We have extensive knowledge about the locations and characteristics of modern homes in the area.

Mercy Shelters Real Estate Advantages for Buyers

We have done many transactions involving architectural significant properties to know what to look for. We understand the procedure and we are skilled negotiators. We know the contractual requirements here in Chennai that will protect you throughout the entire process.


Our experience with purchasing, remodeling, preservation, restoration and the characteristics of specialty homes allows us to give you essential information about your future real estate investment. We will do price comparisons with similar properties and suggest Inspectors who are familiar with these special properties. Our knowledge will make you an educated buyer in order to make important decisions throughout the entire purchase process, and beyond. It helps to have pros in your corner, someone who knows the ins and outs of the industry and the area.


Our buyers are informed of new properties over the Internet the second they become "active", and in many cases, in advance. Each customer receives documentation of their transactions burned in PDF form on their own personal CD.


We have all necessary contacts to assist you in every phase of your transaction, from ethical and competitive lenders to experienced and thorough inspectors, designers, professional and licensed contractors and landscapers. Our assistance extends beyond the purchase process to help you convert the property into your own personal environment.

Common Interest

We are the specialists of modern architecture and design in our area. We offer the benefit of working with professionals who understand your interests and are compassionate with your style of living.


Why list with us?
Knowledge, Passion and Experience with Modernism

Owners of a property will want to meet with the Mercy Shelters team to discuss a unique business plan for the marketing and sale of modern and contemporary properties. The Mercy Shelters team accesses the widest audience of prospective modern buyers and delivers targeted solutions to individuals who are most likely to this kind of home. In short, the team provides all the services of traditional real estate professionals, and then goes significantly further.

Better Specific Data - More Accurate Pricing

Mercy Shelters real estate team is of the level of post graduate business administrators, and also the most active and dedicated, who worked years in national and international regulatory and standards forums. They turns their analytical skills into understanding and presenting a unique and clear picture of the past, existing and emerging area, and local real estate market conditions. As a result, sellers will know as precisely as possible the outcomes of different pricing strategies.

Better Local Exposure

Mercy Shelters real estate team also has people from the oldest and largest privately owned real estate brokerage in India. Along with ensuring clients of a stable, long term company to deal with, this enables the advantage of Mercy Shelters Preferred Property Program that invests a good amount on advertisements on a property.

The Team does state of the art marketing. With their own professional photo and videography, they create custom listings for each property that are easily found on the web. These are also sent to the more than 100 Brokers, which are directly or indirectly a part of Mercy Shelters. Paid spot advertising will feature listings on mainstream internet sites such as. A listing is also announced by e-mail to a database of hundreds of interested registrants.

More Buyers

The exclusive strategies of Mercy Shelters means they are easily found by casual buyers. In future the website will offer buyers an advanced property search feature so they can immediately see all of the mid-century modern or high-end desert contemporary listings in the entire area. This website will feature your listing in a separate section.

Latest Technology

Residential real estate has changed - it's becoming an Internet driven business, where buyers diligently research and are acutely aware of the market. This requires your property to stand out from the crowd. It still remains a people business, requiring a professional and consistent demeanor. The Mercy Shelters Real Estate Team excels by combining technology with strong communication and a well-developed business acumen. If you are the seller of a significant property, you should meet them.

Architectural real estate is our business and we have a business plan that will work for you.


Mercy Shelters Real Estate has established quite good relations with realtors across the Chennai city and now we are in a way to connect up with the realtors across India to build a local exposure in those markets. This helps attract a large percentage of clients of which pay cash site unseen. We are also with the best of reviews in among the chennaites and we will make sure that your property gets the best of buyers. Give us 30 minutes of your time and allow us to stop by and meet with you in person so we can show you how we are changing the way real estate is sold today by doing things differently. We never lock you down into a contract and we will always make sure you are 100% satisfied before you walk away from the closing table.

Land Promoting