With us you will have the peace of mind knowing that your dream home project is in the hands of a licensed fully insured building company.

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    Mr. Karimullah
    Managing Director

    Mr. Karimullah has decades of rich management experience and tonnes of exposure and expertise in diverse business verticals. He has spent significant time in designing, marketing and adminis-tering real estate projects. His pro active exposure into sales and marketing has successfully given a turn around to many projects in the real estate industry. He is a widely travelled person exploring international markets for business and taking businesses to the next level. He is a professional to the core with great business ideas and cutting edge solutions. He believes in the indispensability of values and ethics in business along with a deep sense of corporate social responsibility.

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    Mr. Athaullah

    He has 13 years of best experience in managing software technology and implementing Enterprise Resource Planning and Management Information Systems. Mr. Athaullah has the ability to execute projects involving transactional automation and business processes development in the field of finance, project management & technical domains of the industry. He adeptly interacts with the top management and also with those concerned in the industry in understanding the business goals and technical requirements to deliver the desired objectives. His association with the company will bring in technology, innovation and effective management systems.

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    Mr. Lathifullah

    An outstanding professional with passion for building aesthetic projects Mr. Lathifullah is recognised for successfully completing over fifty projects covering more than one million square feet of commercial and residential construction. Mr. Lathifullah has over 35 years of rich experience in real estate and construction industry. His futuristic vision and his command over project management will bring in innovative ideas, cost effectiveness, cutting edge technology, customer satisfaction and value to the projects of the company.

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    Mr. Mazherullah

    Mr. Mazher has more than two decades of experience in providing business support solutions to satisfy customers by contributing core (IT) skills across varied industry verticals. As a software consultant he has worked closely with the senior management in installing and implementing software projects besides training people in core skills to develop standard operating procedures and best practices for growth and development of the industry.

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    Mr. Syed Arif
    Director & CEO

    Mr. Arif has been into the real estate industry since his young days and has been directly into the field, understanding the nuances and intricacies of the construction industry. He has personally managed tens of projects with excellent team management, quality standards and best industry practices. His field exposure is a great asset for the company. Mr. Arif is also associated with other businesses including interiors, tours and travels and restaurants. He is known for his relentless pursuit for excellence in business along with integrity and motivational leadership.