Contruction Consultation

Among the things which go far beyond construction are capability enhancement of a new or existing construction project, ways towards efficiently managed reduced costs and risks. Construction consultation at Mercy Shelters is unmatched in the industry offering a range of skillful and knowledgeable services including CAT response, Sustainable Solutions for Environment, Facility Management, High performance building, Interdisciplinary documentation, Transition planning and management, Safety management solutions and Building information modeling.

Experience along with innovation, dedication and friendly atmosphere makes us work with you to match your requirements with accurate services for ultimate solutions. Mercy shelters can also be as an assist for your existing contractors involved in the transition of the project and help you to make cost planning and efficient energy opportunities.

Design Management

We always have a clear scope regarding architectural and engineering design services by appointing professional consultants who can asses, identify and manage every critical path activity. From documentation to troubleshooting and resolving design issues our architects and consultant are in line with the clients liaising through progress reporting.

Not only the design part, our dedication also serves you in planning and managing the procurement and assessing the design build ability and speed of construction by coordination with the construction team for fast-track construction activities.

Mercy Shelters not only ensures that the design and meets the client’s budget, time and quality requirements but also assures complete support and coordination through complete involvement in the design study and implementation of the project.

Project Management

Every construction project is founded based on project management. Our project management team is designated with variety if skills and competences in order to navigate through the project and to establish an active bond with all the teams involved in the project. In fact construction projects have a alterations to be done often and this is where project management is the stability key.

Mercy shelters offers services in project types such as residential, commercial and industrial with ultimate goal being complete satisfaction of client’s demands including viability, functionality and budget.

Construction Management

Our construction management sector allows our clients to access and interact during the construction phase of a project. Our professionals with experience have shown that most of the project cost and time savings are made during the pre-construction phase of the project. Our team is focused towards cost planning, construction scheduling and construction staging and construction build ability.