General Construction

It's all about providing one with challenging rates including the best quality of materials with the work based on effective time management in accomplishing the projects has made us to be the competitive contractor.

We engage in all class of civil contracts including residential, commercial and industrial constructions. We entirely feel that a work is only based on our dedication towards it and there is no classification in the scale of the work irrespective of its dimensions proportions and measurements.

Trades Construction


Joint Development

The land that you have,can now be a vital asset to your future. We understand that it isn't merely a tract of land, but a rich and beyond doubt part of you, which is why we are here to value and respect your land while we metamorphose it into an bewildering structure designed to maximize your returns.

A plot you own, then this is the right time to consider a fair, beneficial and profitable joint venture with Mercy Shelters offering you returns on your plot along with the intention of creating something truly amazing, Mercy Shelters stands the preferable option.

Anyone with 1 ground or more is eligible to become a joint venture partner with Mercy Shelters. We guarantee the best level of Transparency, Integrity and Building Excellence. If this opportunity seems like a dream come true, do get in touch with us immediately.

Property Development

Property Development Mercy Shelters are as well involved into making out-right purchases of the properties and promoting them in to residential or commercial properties. Either it be flats or villas or it be a complex or a mall. It is only about the right choice of the right place which works out to be a blooming flower of he industry envisioned by the common people who are to adore the essence of their future. Designing and devoloping buildings has made us the mark in this growing industry.